This year’s UKVMUG saw a change of name to the ‘VMUG UserCon’ as-well as a number of more fundamental changes.. For a start, it was the largest attended conference in it’s history – with around 500 people during the day. Yet on a sad note, we saw three of the key committee members step down […]

VeeamOn 2015 Review – Part 2

So many sessions, which ones to attend – which to miss? A few were really worth highlighting.. here are just a small sample. With such choice, sessions were able to be targeted to a particular audience, for instance a subject close to my heart is the challenges faced by SME’s (SMB’s). This was fundamentally a non-technical […]



VeeamOn 2015 Review – Part 1 1

During the next couple of blog posts, I’d like to offer a review of VeeamOn 2015. VeeamON Keynote Themes Many special guests appeared during the Keynote sessions (which were conveniently placed in the afternoon) to ensure maximum attendance. I was very impressed to see VMware represented there by Carl Eschenbach COO, so soon after VMworld in Barcelona. […]