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Microsoft RSClientPrint Control is an ActiveX component which  needs to be installed on a client profile in order to view or print SQL reports.IE Custom Defaults – Enforce
For a full definition look here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms159195.aspx

Under certain circumstances the following error is reported:  Unable to load client print control

We have experienced this problem, when using Terminal  Services / Citrix to deploy Internet Explorer and then run reports from our SQL  based CRM (http://TIM). I believe that the installation revolves around user  rights and as a TS user, certain folders and registry entries are  restricted.  We engaged Microsoft to  finally resolve this issue, but they only referenced a site which I have  already found.


Many other searches were performed including these particularly good  hits:-





Backend – SQL 2008 on Server 2008 R2 & two web servers running  IIS on Server 2008 R2

Client – XP/Win7 machines running  IE8 as an deployed application via Citrix 4.5 running on Server 2003


I tried to attack this using Group Policy, as lots of talk was  around authenticating the ActiveX component and user rights.  This is what I did:-

The ActiveX installer service saves its downloads in to the C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded  Program Files\ directory.  If you  browse using Explorer, you do not see a true view of the contents of the  folder. Although, in this view I did see a ‘damaged’ entry. Right click and  delete this item.  You can always run a command  prompt and see a listing of the real files.  The true DLL reports itself as ‘RSClientPrint 2005 Class ‘ – even though I am using the SQL2008 distributable, very odd?

During the process you may see ‘Error  loading resource library’ (0x8007007E)  and then ‘The Handle is invalid’ Error  0x80070006. These errors eventually go away following a reboot.  Also, IE 8 & 9 cache settings can stop the page displaying, use Tools, Internet Options, Delete Browsing History.

Click here if you need to remove the Print Control.

This link is very useful http://manuparasharcsharp.blogspot.com/2009/04/unable-to-load-print-client-control.html

I found that if I was able to move the website to the Trusted  Zone, I had more control over the ability to allow the ActiveX component to  run. In the Policy use  Windows Components/Internet  Explorer/Internet Control Panel/Security Pages

Unfortunately I found that the plug in reported itself as ‘signed’  in one release and ‘unsigned’ in another – so was forced to allow the  installation of both types.

Finally modified the Group Policy to ‘Log on Locally’ – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/247989  and the settings worked. This Policy is applied to the ‘OU containing my  Citrix / TS servers’ not to the users OU’s.

I have attached the exported Group Policy , it contains a number  of other modifications  for IE but the majority  of the settings are to fix the RSClientPrint errors.

IE Custom Defaults – Enforce


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