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I am trying to piece together a reasonable specification for running SQL as a VMware virtual machine.  This journey may well end up as long as a piece of string, but I hope that it will become a useful resource – if only to myself.

Here are my starting point:

To build an SQL 2008 server on Windows 2008R2 64bit that will be a good balance of vCPU, vRAM and storage to match a couple of physical servers which currently perform adequately:-

  • Windows 2003 SP2 with one Intel E5410 Quad core CPU and 4Gb RAM (SQL P1 Spec)
  • Windows 2008 R2 64bit two Intel E5506 Quad core CPUs and 6Gb RAM (SQL P2 Spec)

I understand that these two boxes are vastly different, but in our scenario they both perform a very similar job.  They are different due to the time between purchases, not a down specifying the two platforms.

A ‘3rd party’ has suggested this VMware configuration, Windows 2008 R2 64bit four vCPU’s (Inet E5520) and 16Gb RAM (SQL VM P1 Spec) – unfortunately this is currently behaving terribly when compared to either of the two physical boxes.  My quest, is to find out if a generic SQL VMware machine can be built without throwing the kitchen sink at it.

My web search starts here:-

Now I need to find some sort of benchmarking that will enable me to compare the performance of the servers.
If you have any comments of suggestions, please leave them below, as I am on a learning curve myself on this one.
My current specification, which is a work in progress, is here (SQL VM P2 Spec)

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