button-print-blu20 Manually changing VMware registered NIC (using vCentre)

To configure a VMware guest to use the VMXNET driver follow these steps:

Power off and ‘remove from inventory’ the virtual machine prior to making continuing.
Browse the datastore and locate the virtual machine configuration file (.vmx).
Right click and download the file locally in order to make the changes.
Rename the original one still on the datastore to .vmx.org
Open the copied file using Notepad or MS Write

The network configuration options are shown like this:
ethernet2.present = “true”
ethernet2.virtualDev = “e1000”
ethernet2.networkName = “Isolated Network”
ethernet2.addressType = “vpx”
ethernet2.generatedAddress = “00:50:56:97:00:0b”

For each NIC you wish to change, edit the “e1000” to “vmxnet”:
ethernet2.virtualDev = “vmxnet”
Save the .vmx configuration file, then upload it to the same location on the datastore (the .vmx.org will be there in case you need to restore a backup)

From the datastore browser, right click the .vmx file and choose “Add to Inventory”
Once this is complete, you can power on the virtual machine.

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