button-print-blu20 ZLB - v2 Release Candidate 1

The latest version of the Zen Load Balancer has now been released v2RC1.  The large number of improvements, driven by the ZLB community, should make this an even better product to use in production.

November,21 2011: Changelog for version V2 rc1:


    • Gratuitous ARP for cluster speedup
    • TCP Kernel tuning to improve throughput Farms:
    • Farm renaming
    • Improve load balancer algorithm for TCP farms
    • Profiles support
    • UDP support
    • Advanced HTTP/HTTPS support
    • SSL wrapper
    • Certificates management for https profiles Cluster:
    • Manual force failover
    • Crossover support


  • Improving RRD files and graphs for monitoring
  • State icons on farms and backends
  • Improving status backends section
  • Minimize button for views on farm status section
  • Improving Global View
  • New certificates manager section for https profiles
  • Improve CSS look web panel

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