button-print-blu20 Very Cool VMware 4.1 CLI Commands

Just a few of the CLI commands I have found, borrowed and used to help diagnose issues with my VMware Hosts.

1. Check to see if the management agents are actually running:

ps -ef | grep hostd | grep -v grep

If things are working you should see...

~ # ps  | grep hostd | grep -v grep
19229224 19229224 hostd                hostd
19249725 19229224 hostd-poll           hostd
19257918 19229224 hostd-worker         hostd

If this are not working..

~ # ps  | grep hostd | grep -v grep
~ # ps

~ # ps

2 .To restart the management agents so you can see what is going wrong:

/sbin/services.sh restart

3. Check iSCSI connectivity by hitting the IP address os the interface:

vmkping <target ip>


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