button-print-blu20 Groupwise on Linux - Useful file locations

Here are a selection of, what I consider to be, the most useful files on a Groupwise Linux Server.


This file lists the currently installed Groupwise modules.  If you run the Agent installer more than once, you may end up with duplicate entries in this file.  Open with VI and remove the incorrect entries. To ‘show’ the agents, you can add a line to the end of each section, which says:           show = yes



This location holds the PID references which equate to the running Groupwise processes.  If you have agents that will not start or stop, look here for their ‘pid’ files.  It is possible to manually create a missing file and replace the text with the file either with the real pid, or with a fictitious number (make sure it doesn’t clash with a REAL process).  One next reboot the files should get re-written with the correct PID numbers.



You can launch the agents from this folder, either as background tasks or as the very helpful ‘old style agents’ eg..

./gwpoa –show @web-postoffice.poa
./gwmta –show @web-domain.mta


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