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When using Groupwise Web Access 8, native support for the iPad is not available – although the interface opens up and displays the list of mails, it is impossible to open the e-mail up.  Groupwise Ascot 2012 will have support for Tablets and mobile devices built in, but I found this fix for v8.  It’s not the most elegant solution, as all it does is forces the ‘simple’ view, but it works and keeps my users happy.

The Webaccess Application can be modified to detect when an IPad or IPod Touch browser is accessing the system and return the simple templates instead of the css templates.

To set this up, please follow the directions below:

1. Locate the webacc.cfg file for your Webaccess Application. The default locations are listed below:

a) Linux /OES2 – /var/opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess
b) NetWare – sys:/novell/webaccess
c) Windows – c:\novell\groupwise\webaccess

2. Make a backup copy of the file before changes are made
3. Open the file with a text editor
4. Within the file, there will be a section where there will be many entries that start with “Templates.UserAgent.#.id=*string reported by browser*”. Note the entry listed with the largest number. Afterward, create 4 new lines. If the highest existing number in an existing entry is 8, then an entry should be created like the one below:


5. Save and exit the file
6. Restart Tomcat using the one of the commands below and then test with your IPad.

a. To restart Tomcat on NetWare enter the following commands from the console

java -exit

b. To restart Tomcat on Windows, open the Services Console and right-click Tomcat 5.5 and choose Stop and then right click again and choose Start.
c. To restart Tomcat on Linux/OES2, open an terminal window as the root user and issue the command “rcnovell-tomcat5 restart”. On other SuSE Linux Enterprise distributions, the command will be “rctomcat# restart” where the # sign represents the version of Tomcat that is running.

Original Novell Knowledgebase Article

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