button-print-blu20 SUSE Linux /tmp folder full of SSS* files when running Groupwise

I have a number of Novell SUSE Linux servers running Groupwise, and have noticed that the folder /tmp is filling up with lots of large files all starting SSS

The hard way: Originally, I was manually deleting these files, then progressed to looking at creating a CRON job.  As if by accident, I then stumbled across the script:-


You can check the current value by following these steps..

In the terminal window, type the command: less /etc/sysconfig/cron 
You can scoll the file by pressing Up-Arrow and Enter.  Make a note of the  MAX_DAYS_IN_TMP variable.

By using VI and editing the following line, to anything other than zero, then the job is done automatically:


The Easy Way: Alternatively, I have now found that you can make this change with YAST…

Launch YaST from the main menu by selecting: System > Configuration > YaST Control Center
Enter the root password in the authentication window.
On the left, select System.
On the right, select /etc/sysconfig Editor.

Browse through the tree on the left side to view the available options.
 On the left, open the System entry.
 Within System, open the Cron entry.
 Within Cron, select MAX_DAYS_IN_TMP.
 Change the value to 14
Select Finish.

I have also found the variable: OWENER_TO_KEEP_IN_TMP

This defaults to ‘root’ , which for me is no use, as all the files are created by root.  I removed this entry and continued.
Accept the modified variables by selecting OK.
 In the terminal window, repeat the command
less /etc/sysconfig/cron
by pressing Up-Arrow and Enter.
Notice the change to the MAX_DAYS_IN_TMP variable.

Close YaST and your terminal session.

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