button-print-blu20 ZLB – v2 Release Candidate 2

After 3 months of further development, the latest release of ZLB is now available for testing.  Release Candidate 2, has added a number of key features to the already fully functioning service, by allowing:-

  • New ‘Test Failover button’  – This always allow the administrator to ‘see’ the fail over process between Master and Backup nodes.  After 3 seconds, the cluster with revert back to the original configuration.  This is a re-wording of the old ‘Force Failover’ button.
  • Maintenance button for backends – This allows for a ‘real’ server to be taken offline for maintenance (without impacting on the load balancing algorithms) Useful for web servers which may have a perfectly working service, but that need pages refreshing
  • GUI management Port – Now you have the ability to move the management port away from Port 444

Plus over a dozen more new features, improvements and bug fixes – for a full list of new features can be found here

For any issues updating the software please see this page for assistance.

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