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Just a very quick summary of the top 7 things I didn’t know before I attended the event yesterday at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham

1. So many new vendors are entering the vMarket

I was blown away by the number of vendors advertising either unique or revolutionary methods to tackle problems that you didn’t even know you had. Very impressed with a couple in particular ExtraHop (Operational Intelligence) and Zerto (Hypervisor-based Disaster Recovery)

2. vCAC is much funnier when pronounced ‘Vee Kak’

The official version is V.C.A.C. but why spend years prefixing acronyms with ‘v’ only to change the pronunciation of this one to something else! vCloud Automation Centre is looking like the replacement for vCD – way above the level which I currently work with vSphere but seeing and hearing about these products in this environment is really useful.

3. vCD / vCloud Director is dead

..or at least heading for End of Life, vCAC appears to be the natural progression of this product along with some VMware Secret Sauce to make vCHS a manageable product in the UK (due for release Q1 2014, maybe)

4. Greg Ferro / Ethereal Mind is a Networking God

His presentation on Overlay Networks, Network Agent Tunnels & VTEP was quite simply amazing – in my opinion the best presentation by far all day – and there was a lot of stiff competition from the rest of the excellent presenters.  If you are going to ask a question mid presentation, be prepared to be either shot down in flames or told to wait for the next few slides – he thinks of everything! Oh, and he is also available for hire (apparently).

5. The VMUG Organisers deserve Medals

The day was very well organised, the time taken planning all of the days event must have taken weeks (if not months). Great venue too, although my SatNav appears to get very confused anywhere near the NEC roundabouts!

6. The Attendees make the day Worth While 

With around 600 attendees, the event was busy and bustling  with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Considering the presentations were streamed throughout the day, it was interesting to keep seeing the same faces within the audience. An excellent spread of subjects appealing to ‘hopefully’ everyone there.

7. Joe Baguley is a top man and a very funny CTO (in a good way)

OK, I lied about this one – I already knew that Joe was very open and friendly when you meet him, especially when the stories start coming out after vBeers & vCurry.


What more can I add, an amazing day, where I made many new friends, met physical versions of my virtual friends and saw some really cool products and presentations.  See you all next time.

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