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Given my learning curve over the last week or so, I have decided to detail the step required to build a SteamBox from scratch using Ubuntu 13.10, an Nvidia GT640 video card and my HP Proliant hardware.

  1. Install the NVidia card and connect a VGA monitor and HDMI to my TV
  2. Download Ubuntu ISO from their website – I chose 13.10 Desktop 64Bit as I wanted to make use of the 8Gb of RAM in the hardware (under 4Gb and you can use the 32Bit version)
  3. Download Linux Live USB Creator (LLUC) – Although the GUI is a little odd and doesn’t actually recognise this ISO version, the process works very well and creates a bootable Ubuntu USB key
  4. Reboot and Install Ubuntu from the USB key, choosing the required Keyboard layouts, Usernames and Passwords. I decided to let the user Auto Login and not ask for a password.
  5. Allow the system to reboot (removing any USB or DVD’s obviously), once its back up you should be looking at the Unity Desktop.
  6. Click on the Cog Icon, then Displays to view System Settings (the pop up windows may appear on the 2nd display, these can be dragged back to the Primary display easily


Ubuntu Dual Displays You can also check the Driver version that is in use, I decided to upgrade the default drivers to the version 3.19 (recommended). Easily achieved buy clicking on the radio button, then choosing Apply.

Ubuntu Hardware Drivers

I recommend a Reboot now, in order to check that the video cards are still working correctly.

Now on to Part 2

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