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In order to access the LUN Presentation screen, please put the software into Maintenance Mode.

Ensure that you NEVER renumber or delete a LUN which is currently holding any live data OR  presented via a Port.

Renumbering a LUN is IMPOSSIBLE – you have to delete it (and it’s contents) and then recreate it!

Firstly, you need to locate the LUN you wish to delete, in this example, we are going to choose LUN 0501 (a 540GB Unformatted LUN)

Right click on the LUN and choose Delete, after a few seconds the screen will refresh and and the LUN will have been removed.

Hitachi-Delete-LUN 1

Creating a New LUN

In order to Create LUN, the first task is to select the RAID Group you want the new LUN associated with.  In this example we are going to extend the LUN 24 (a 1600 Gb SATA LUN) holding Backup Exec Synthetic Backup data.

  1. This existing LUN is already a member of the RAID Group 02
  2. Right Click on the RAID Group, and choose Create New Logical Unit
  3. We will name this LUN 124, as we are adding it as the first extension of the existing 24 LUN (the second addition could be 224)!

Remember to choose the SAME Controller as the existing LUN, in this example Controller 1, and the required LUN size. The maximum available LUN size is shown in the bottom right corner of the screen.  If you do not use ALL the available disk, I recommend creating a dummy LUN in the free space, and leaving it unformatted.  LUN numbers must be less than 510 (511 is a special LUN used for Volume Migration).

If this LUN is going to be used later for Volume Migration, the size must be defined using ‘Blocks’ and it MUST match exactly.

Hitachi-Create-LUN 1

Lets create a 340Gb new LUN called 124 to extend the existing 1600Gb LUN 24… Note: There MUST be enough room within the RAID Group (see this link for calculating the layout), otherwise you will be unable to create the new LUN.

That leaves 200Gb unused. We will create a ‘spare LUN’ in this space called 500 – so we can keep track of the unused space on the disk!

No read the article regarding Expanding an AMS200 LUN.


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