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Executive Summary: During 2013 our particular Industry was the subject of a number of high profile government reviews.  We expected that the consequence of these reviews would be along the lines of Sarbanes-Oxley, for the Private Healthcare industry. Specifically we expected legislation regarding data retention periods for electronic patient records and other related data.  This unknown “Data Retention factor also added unpredictability to our long term archiving requirements.

Before we looked at Nimble Storage we looked at some other, more Traditional Archive vendors, who may be suitable to fit our ever changing requirements.

We first started using Veeam shortly after we virtualised our Server estate some 5 or 6 years ago. As I said earlier, with a small IT team it is important that any product we purchase, especially something as important as Backup; needs to be Simple to Use, Provide Lots of Features and is Cost Effective to the Business.

When reviewing our Storage and Backup Strategy, we initially planned on purchasing two devices: a Fast Data SAN and a Purpose Built Archiving solution. Our thinking was that traditional vendors sold their products into nicely defined silos, whereby you bought into a well established Manufacturer, and then in to a Product line which best suited your Budget and Archiving predictions.

Interestingly, over the last 18 months or so, this Storage and Archiving Market has been radically changed, as new Disruptive vendors have entered and begun to respond quickly to Customer Requirements.  Storage has been looked at again and re-designed from the ground up. The introduction of RAM, SSD & SATA has created a “perfect storm”, by de-staging Slow Disk Spindles from the ever increasing Fast Data Interfaces. This approach has brought a Radical Change in relation to Storage, IOPS and ultimately Cost.

Transcript (if all goes to plan): Nimble & Veeam – Modern Data Protection – Customer Journey
Slides: Nimble & Veeam – Modern Data Protection – Customer Journey

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