button-print-blu20 Presentation VMUG Manchester - Disruptive Storage in VMware Environment (Sept 2013)

Executive Summary: Transform Medical met Nimble Storage at the Q1-CY2013 VMUG hosted in Manchester (at Co-Operative Insurance).  Nick Furnell was present at the Nimble presentation and was in the process of finalising a purchase of a legacy SAN to provide a technology refresh his existing Infrastructure.  The SAN supports Transform Medical VMWare ESX 5 virtual infrastructure and the majority of Transform Medical’s key systems and therefore is a critical component of Transform Medical’s IT infrastructure.


Transform Medical’s existing SAN was finally starting to show it’s age (from a performance perspective) when some additional projects started to increase their latencies to an unacceptable level; prompting Nick to procure a Nimble CS220 controller;  The Nimble solution took an hour to install (from box to serving data) and now provides approx 20,000 IOPS, Sub-millisecond latency to Transform’s environment and integrated data backup/restore (all in a 3U footprint).  Just 1 week after installation CS220 made a massive impact in VM boot speed & SQL latency & compression (over 2X of savings of SQL data).  There is a future project to extend the SAN to provide bandwidth and capacity efficient replication and offsite business continuity. 


The VMUG session introduced Nick to new disruptive technologies that could make an impact on Transform Medical’s efficiency, responsiveness and service levels

Transcript (if all goes to plan): Nimble Storage Sept 2013
Slides: Nimble Storage Sept 2013




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