button-print-blu20 Enable Copy and Paste on VM Guests

To copy and paste between the guest operating system and remote console, you must enable copy and paste operations using the vSphere Client.
Follow this Procedure

  1. Log into a vCenter Server system using the vSphere Client and select the virtual machine.
  2. Power off the Virtual Machine (an unfortunate flaw in the process, but necessary in the current release)
  3. On the Summary tab, click Edit Settings.
  4. Select Options > Advanced > General and click Configuration Parameters.
  5. Click Add Row and type the following values in the Name and Value columns.
Name Value
isolation.tools.copy.disable false
isolation.tools.paste.disable false


These options override any settings made in the guest operating system’s VMware Tools control panel.


  1. Click OK to close the Configuration Parameters dialog box, and click OK again to close the Virtual Machine Properties dialog box.
  2. Restart the virtual machine.

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