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Hi All

I have a puzzle that I need solving, please offer any suggestions via the comments at the bottome of this page or via my Twitter account

I currently have a 3TB Fibre Channel SAN which is local to a physical Veeam B&R Server. The intention is to move the Server and the 2.7TB of data on to my new Nimble SAN. How should I best move the backup data?

Current choices are:-

  1. P2V the whole thing into VMware over my 10Gb iSCSI network
  2. Recreate a new Veeam Server, and use Veeam tools to move the backup data


Any more thoughts or gottcha’s I haven’t thought about? Thanks guys..

Veeam Infrastructure


Update, just 4 hours after posting this on Twitter:

Thank you to all who have offered their help, it looks like the plan is as follows:-

  1. Backup the current Veeam config
  2. Create a new virtual Veeam B&R server on Windows 2008
  3. Attach my new Nimble LUN
  4. Create a new SQL DB on my SQL 2008 server (which is external to Veeam)
  5. Restore the Veeam config files
  6. Then use the Veeam Repository migration method to shift the data to the new Nimble LUN
  7. I can then collapse my physical Veeam server and power off the FC SAN

6 thoughts on “Towers of Hanoi Question for Veeam Guru’s

  1. One caution, on the 20 TB storage device is that dedicated for backups or is it also where VMs will run? I don’t recommend putting backups and running VMs on the same storage device. It’s all good until that device fails.

    OK, assuming the VMs will run elsewhere OR you are also putting backups on another disk system or tape, I’d do this:

    -Make a new VM where you want it
    -Install Veeam B&R on it
    -Install a second VM and put Enterprise Manager on it (can be coupled, but I like them separated)
    -Install a 3rd VM (or can be a PC) that will back up the Enterprise Mgr. VM (useful for upcoming encryption feature) and put it isolated separate

    -IF you need to keep all the jobs, do this:
    -Stop & disable all jobs
    -Copy Repository files, make all paths/drive letters the same
    -Do configuration backup and restore from old to new
    -Re-enable all jobs

    Other option:

    -Build the VMs as prescribed as above
    -Create a repository on the new VMs that is the path of existing install
    -Do a Backup Copy Job from old to new (doesn’t take all restore points)

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