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This article is as much a discussion document as it is a summary of my existing backup strategy. My aim is to open the discussion up and see if together we can’t form a Best Practice for this type of scenario. So here it is, a simplified description of the backup strategy which I employ now.

Site A:

Job Name Runs Points to Keep Result Location
All VM’s Weekly 4 1 Full per month & 3 incrementals Site B
Important VM’s Daily 7 1 Full per week & 6 incrementals Local Site
Very Important VM’s Hourly (8am-8pm) 12 1 Full per Day & 11 incrementals Local Site

Site B also runs this same scenario – so all company data is held in two locations. In addition, a 3rd backup repository has been built at Site A which gives a 3rd physical target – the long term archiving discussion below is aimed at this location. Finally a tape drive is also available, but is not part of this discussion – and may not feature in the plan due to capacity issues.

Why use a local target for my backup data? All my eggs in one basket I here you shout. The answer is recovery speed! If the backups were offsite, over a slow link, recovery time would be too long for the business to stand.


What the business wants..

To have Full backups available per week, month, quarter & annually (up to 10 years)


The obvious solution..

Run one Backup job, which executes once per week..

In turn, this calls a Copy Backup job, with weekly, monthly, quarterly & annual  retention periods. As per this link


BUT the end result is..

At the end of the 1st year, 12 Full size Backups! This is too much data to hold. Each additional year only adds one more copy, but by this time the repository will be overflowing.


Ideal Aim..

Weekly incrementals for the 1st Month

Monthly incrementals for the 1st Quarter

Quarterly incrementals for the 1st Year

Reoccurring Year end backup..


The result.. only 4 Full Backup files with 9 incrementals over the first year. But it would appear that ALL three jobs need to complete initially, in order for the cycle to begin..
Full weekly backup

Backup Copy Jobs

Is this the best approach..? Any feedback is welcome either on the Veeam Forum,  below in the comments box or via my Twitter feed.



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