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I have been using Veeam for a number of years, but only recently started using the Sandbox features – unfortunately I have come across an issue. Within my VMware environment I name my Networks using the following format: Description, vLAN id, IP range and Subnet. For example; Server vLAN 110 ( invalid symbols

I have seen this anomaly before, but it’s never caused an issue – but when I am configuring my Virtual lab in Veeam, I have to select the Production Network. The Veeam interface substitutes the / character for %2f in the drop down (this substitution is often seen on web URL’s as %20). This doesn’t initially cause a problem for Veeam as it lets you proceed, but at the next screen I am then told that the % is an invalid character! How annoying is that

The invalid characters can be removed and retyped as a ‘/’, but the know on effect is that I am then seeing issues with the Sandbox VM not finding the Network correctly. This is a bit of a chicken and egg problem I guess.

Ultimately my question is who is in the wrong; me for using / in my naming standard, VMware for allowing the / character or Veeam for substituting / for % which is a restricted character?

Veeam invalid symbols 2 Veeam invalid symbols 1

The solution, that’s to the guys and Veeam is to create a new registry key to change the list of invalid characters.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Veeam\Veeam Backup and Replication
RestrictedNetworkSymbols = ~`!@#$^&*+=;'><|?*:\"

You can create this key with a String value not containing the %
After making the change, either restart Veeam Backup Service or my advice is to restart the server completely and the reopen the Veeam Backup Console. This Forum Thread can be seen here.
Following the Registry key creation, I was then able to successfully create a vLab with my network name “Server vLAN 110 (”.

The Infrastructure in which I saw this issue was;

VMware 5.0 Build 913577
vCenter 5.0 Build 455964
Veeam Release 3

As I mentioned above, the other issue I discovered whilst troubleshooting this problem was the unallocation of a Network Card to the SandBox VM.. for more information read this.

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