button-print-blu20 ZLB Farm will not start

ZLB is a great product, and we have been using it in the core of our virtual network for a number of years, unfortunately sometimes you can end up with a Farm unable to start.

I have just seen this recently when I updated a L4TZNAT farm and then forgot to enter a “weight” for the new Physical Server. I was able to save the config, but immediately the Farm went off line and would not restart.

button-print-blu20 ZLB Farm will not start  ZLB-Missing-weight-300x74 ZLB Farm will not start


After a short panic, I remembered an e-mail which I had received from Emilio (the guy who writes the software). Using PUTTY I was able to find and edit the config file.

Here are the steps:

  1. Use Putty to connect to the Master ZLB Node
  2. cd /usr/local/zenloadbalancer/config
  3. ls

Now look for the file which matches the Farm name, for example

Farm Name: Reciever

Farm Type:  TX4NAT

Config File: Receiver_14txnat.cfg

  1. Now use VI to edit the file


As you can see, my second server is missing a ;1; this was stopping the farm for starting.

Adding the extra 1 and saving the config file fixed the issue, and the Farm will now start.


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