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I have just completed the installation of a shiny new ES1 Expansion Shelf for our Nimble Storage CS220 Array, and decided that the next thing to do is to shout about how easy and straight forward it was. If you want to know why we purchased the shelf and what our reasoning was behind it, then please read my article about Infosight.

Although this is titled the “Soft Bit”, it’s more along how the GUI changes when the shelf is installed, nothing more than clicking a few buttons and refreshing your browser.

Before you start you must check the version of Firmware that you are using on your existing Nimble Head Unit, in order to add an extra shelf it must be v1.4 or higher. This can be checked by logging into your Nimble Array and choosing Administration.

Nimble ES1 Upgrade 0

Before installing the Expansion Shelf, this is the view we had of our storage via the excellent Nimble GUI. Only 932Gb free, which represented 12% of our capacity. Nice to see we run at 28% compression across our entire data set.

Nimble ES1 Upgrade 1

The Nimble GUI also shows the current state of the two controllers, in this case Controller B is currently in use.Nimble ES1 Upgrade 2

After the Expansion Shelf has been installed, cabled and powered the GUI will update and show the Head Unit with the Shelf below. It’s just waiting for the Active button to be pressed.

Nimble ES1 Upgrade 4


Once the activate button is pressed, the Active Controller will take control of the corresponding Shelf SAS port and begin accessing the extra disk space. At this point the shelf can not be removed from production.

Nimble ES1 Upgrade 5

A quick look back at the GUI now shows, 11TB of free space. If we continue to use apace in the same way we have been, we should see a 28% compression ratio, making the actual usable capacity around 14TB.

Nimble ES1 Upgrade 6

To see how to actually install the unit, please follow this link.

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