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What a nightmare, imagine receiving three new shiny HP DL380 servers to replace the old HP’s, which have been rock solid since they went live two and half years ago (sticking with HP as opposed to looking at Cisco or Dell etc.. as historically they have been excellent) and then finding that ESX crashes every few days!

HP iLO causing PSoD

Unfortunately the fix is not so easy, as the HP website leads you astray at each step, after doing lots of troubleshooting, web browsing and checking my own notes for similar HP PSoD issues. This is where you end up.,

Firstly they want you to download the full Firmware update (for which you HAVE to have a current maintenance plan).

After waiting for the 3.2Gb of ISO to arrive, and then mounting either directly or via iLO itself, it turns out that although it was released after the PSoD announcement (June 2014) the iLO fix is not included.





HP iLO Firmware upgrade


This is the screen you are looking for.. the versions below 1.51 are prone to causing the ESXi PSoD.
HP iLO 1-51


This issue is also referenced here.

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