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It was announced on 27th July that I had been awarded “Veeam Vanguard” status, one of only 31 individuals from around the world. This is the first year that this award has been presented, so I am very proud to have been selected. The expectation is that it will give me access to more ‘Veeam stuff’, roadmaps etc. But it should be massively beneficial for the company I work for from a PR point of view, as we continue expanding our Veeam environment.button-print-blu20 What is a Veeam Vanguard?  150x150_veeam_vanguard What is a Veeam Vanguard?

The Veeam Vanguard Program is a hand-selected list of people of all backgrounds who Veeam feels embraces the brand best in their communities. Some Vanguards are bloggers, some are active on Veeam Forums, and the list goes on. “They represents the Veeam brand at the highest level, both on and off line”

It was a huge honour being selected as an initial nominee and later that same week, another email from Rick, this time informing me of the benefits of being a Veeam Vanguard, including an invitation to VeeamOn 2015 in Las Veags.

Why was I picked..?

  • I actively engage with other Veeam (and non-Veeam) users on social media, and via this web site.
  • Post blogs about features of Veeam, how I use the product in my day to day job. I have also managed to sit in, and participate on Veeam webinars.
  • Engage with users on the Veeam forums and as part of my job with my customers
  • Right place, right time – I’m passionate about the benefits of Veeam products, there is a reason their strap line is “It Just works!”

What we get?

Tech previews – new products

Access to Product Managers, Technical Support leaders and senior staff such as Rick Vanover, Anton Gostev & Veeam’s CEO, Ratmir Timashev

Priority support – no queue when calling supportbutton-print-blu20 What is a Veeam Vanguard?  150x150_veeam_vanguard What is a Veeam Vanguard?  Slide9-300x169 What is a Veeam Vanguard?

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