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So many sessions, which ones to attend – which to miss? A few were really worth highlighting.. here are just a small sample.

With such choice, sessions were able to be targeted to a particular audience, for instance a subject close to my heart is the challenges faced by SME’s (SMB’s). This was fundamentally a non-technical session, talking about high level challenges faced by the Small Business owner today. In summary the topics covered included..button-print-blu20 VeeamOn 2015 Review - Part 2  Slide11-300x169 VeeamOn 2015 Review - Part 2

TCO – To protect my business, what type of offsite infrastructure do I really need? And at what cost?
What is the cost of downtime? Don’t try to model the entire business, just start with a couple of high impact examples and go from there.
Data growth, current estimates are that data volumes will continue to grow at 30-50% per year

Ease of Use – Staff are having to become Multi skilled, with fewer people & more servers per head.
Backup products are traditionally hard to configure and test, aim for reduced complexity. Related to the previous point.

Transparent IT – Stop IT getting in the way. It should be an enabler, not a blocker. Otherwise Shadow IT raises it’s ugly head, and you will see departments splitting off from the rest and going it alone.

Data Recoverability – SMB’s typically own < 50TB, Backup is ALL ABOUT recovery speed, don’t put red tape and complex procedures in the way.
SMB’s & Enterprises all have the same expectations.. recovery must be easy and fast. Most data losses are single files, folders or email objects – don’t restore the whole VM, just Explore for what you have lost and pull it back. Self service can speed up this entire process.

Cloud – so how does that change things? “40% of Backup data is never moved offsite” so why not leverage this ‘cloud’ thing?

Disaster Recovery – SME’s don’t always understand their data, don’t naturally identify priority workloads. Hence DR planning is not done or not completed.


Strong Pro-Partner Messagebutton-print-blu20 VeeamOn 2015 Review - Part 2  Slide11-300x169 VeeamOn 2015 Review - Part 2  Slide10-300x169 VeeamOn 2015 Review - Part 2

Lots of resources available to Partners

Dedicated Backup Appliance

Why do I need a dedicated appliance, my initial backups are fine, arn’t they just nice sequential writes to Disk (or Tape)?
Modern backup jobs are not the same, for example Incremental backups look for changes in the data, they have to compare and compress and modify..
Weekly Rollups can be even worse, with heavy reads and writes, requiring random access to large files, buffers are stretched and can sometimes overflow.

So why not just off load the work from the SAN, and give it to a box built for the job. Remember, recovery must be fast, it’s the only thing that will be noticed by the CEO or SMT.

Ideally the Veeam Proxy & Repository can sit outside of the production network – why not even run those tasks on same box & get benefit of RAM transfers between the agents? This is where the Cisco C3000 can be utilised, as it has on-board compute alongside the storage. With 24 CPU cores, it should be more than enough to dedicate to a backup appliance, ideal as a SOBR (Scale Out Backup Repository) target.

Sizing a Veeam Installationbutton-print-blu20 VeeamOn 2015 Review - Part 2  Slide11-300x169 VeeamOn 2015 Review - Part 2  Slide10-300x169 VeeamOn 2015 Review - Part 2  Slide121-300x169 VeeamOn 2015 Review - Part 2

Possibly the most fun session of the event, presented by Johan Huttenga & Timothy Dewin.

A light hearted look at the many problems and complexities, which can trip up the unsuspecting Veeam Admin. Fortunately they also referenced a number of web apps which can help with some of the tedious calculations. Well worth a luck 🙂

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