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During the next couple of blog posts, I’d like to offer a review of VeeamOn 2015.


VeeamON Keynote Themes

Many special guests appeared during the Keynote sessions (which were conveniently placed in the afternoon) to ensure maximum attendance. I was very impressed to see VMware represented there by Carl Eschenbach COO, so soon after VMworld in Barcelona. The messaging was very strong and the same as from VMworld two weeks previously “Better Together”. Carl covered lots of gound with regards maintaining the VMware Eco-System with partners and reminded the audience that there are over 55 million VM’s which need protecting!Slide6

Cisco spoke about Next generation IT, with unprecedented growth in Data management.  The challenges dealing with Traditional Apps v’s Cloud native Apps. Automation is the key, manage the underlying HW by policies, ‘Delivered as a Service’ to other areas of the business. Decouple ‘Requirements’ from ‘Infrastructure’ & make the infrastructure irrelevant, focus on business needs. Siva spoke about the UCS brand, and the 6 years of it’s development, built on stateless technology, 4th generation of HW – pre-validated & scaleable.

Hewlett Packard and Microsoft were also represented heavily in the keynote.

Downtime is the greatest issue to a business:

Consider the following:-

  • Online shopping – speed, responsiveness. If you’re off line, you may just miss that big sale, or the repeat customer!
  • Invest in Differences, which make Differences
  • Focus on offering Higher Level business functions – ‘just buy the architecture, and move on’
  • Derive comfort from ‘Availability’
  • Better Together – One Cloud “community”with security built-in
  • Move from Traditional IT, to IT as a Service
  • Support DevOps or at least Self Service for ‘IT’s customers’



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