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button-print-blu20 UKVMUG 2015  Slide13-300x169 UKVMUG 2015  This year’s UKVMUG saw a change of name to the ‘VMUG UserCon’ as-well as a number of more fundamental changes..

For a start, it was the largest attended conference in it’s history – with around 500 people during the day. Yet on a sad note, we saw three of the key committee members step down after many years of devoted service.

This was my 3rd (or maybe 4th) visit to UKVMUG, although I have to agree with Joe Baguley that the best moments are always at the vCurry the night before. 100 or so of VMware’s finest representatives, experts, vendors and little old me, although I have to say that I really feel part of the team having met with them all so many times before.

As each year has gone by, the main day is is larger and busier than the one before – more vendors, more speakers and definitely more attendees!

button-print-blu20 UKVMUG 2015  Slide13-300x169 UKVMUG 2015  Slide3-300x169 UKVMUG 2015

Along the way I always try and catch up with friends old and new..

Joe Baguley talking about the vCurry, and check out the first 5 seconds – just a few seconds of fame 🙂

..and my good friend Alex managed to get his own interview too..

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