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One of the many announcements made today at Veeam’s #NextBigThing event was the upcoming support for Microsoft Office 365. Remember running Exchange in the ‘cloud’ does not remove the need for archiving of your data, Veeam now offer a solution for you to archive this information back to your premises.. O365

Adoption of Software as a Service has enabled IT teams from operating and managing their own infrastructure, email is just one of the many mission critical applications that can be consumed in this way. Unfortunately accidents can happen and you are still responsible for recovering from these incidents.


The new O365 support allows for Mailbox and Item level recovery out of your O365 archive, back to an on-premises archive.

O365 2

In order to initiate the archive process, a connection is made out via Exchange Web Service (EWS) API. Archives can be created on a mailbox by mailbox basis, and on various schedules. Given this close integration and granular configuration, it’s no surprise that Veeam Backup for Office 365 offers a number of restore options for your email. O365 3

Individual mailbox calendar, task, note or mail items can be restored either to the original or an alternate location.

Items can be alternatively be exported to a PST or saved as individual files.

eDiscovery – Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange can perform search options within the archive.

Utilising these features, it is also possible to augment a migration from an existing environment to Exchange Online.

For more information, please follow this link.


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