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So how do you start teaching your ‘Grandmother to suck Eggs’, I think the first step in this process is when she stops and asks you, ‘Am I doing this right?”

This happened recently to me, when a particular vendor asked for my assistance in shaping their Sales. After over 20 years in the IT Industry as a consumer and purchaser of technology, I felt more than adequately qualified to comment on what a vendor should consider BEFORE making picking up the phone.  So I jumped at the chance…


First, a little insight as to what I’d experienced over my time.

After graduating in ’93 I first worked at a local High school, 11-16 year olds. Managing and extending their IT infrastructure for 7 years. First exposure to SAN technology, although for many years storage was local to the server hosts – although pooled (thanks to my old friend Novell Netware.

Due to an inherent lack of funding and limited vision, I moved to become a Field engineer, working for a small but successful support company based out of the North West. We had customers across many verticals; manufacturing, charities, estate agents/solicitors and one man bands..etc

During my time I met lots of people and saw so much technology, some old some new. The bulk of the customers could be described as SMEs/SMBs, I had a real affinity to these smaller customers, wanting to give them the best solution for their money. Often felt let down by the sales process, for selling the latest thing or most profitable solution. As unfortunately, the customer’s main focus was that IT was an inevitable side effect of doing business, they didn’t ‘rely’ on IT but it helped them manage and grow their business.

After 4 years I moved to a much larger organisation, where I was responsible for their infrastructure, including the Data Centre day to day, as well as LAN, WAN, Server & Desktop environments.  As Technical Lead in a team of between 3 and 6 (depending upon staffing levels) it was a very busy time.

Owned by Venture Capitalists (more about them later) the I tried to plan Roadmaps for 18 months in to the future, with the intention to review every 6. What I found was that IT life was very much like a meandering river. The business would pull funding or change direction on a regular basis. Occasionally my roadmap and the business would cross paths, I’d like to think that that was successful planning – unfortunately the reality was that most projects took twice as long as expected!


Most recently I moved to Managed Service Provider / Carrier – working as Cloud Architect. Ironically moving customers on to hosted platforms and away from on-premises infrastructure!

Anyway enough about me 🙂

Click here to read what I think should be the first vendor consideration….?


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