button-print-blu20 5 Considerations a vendor should make BEFORE calling you (Part 4)

#3 Top Things..

..on my mind? 

Top of my mind is always the end-user experience – how can I improve things for the business and for the staff? Identify where are my risks are and any performance gap?

  • Remember, no one buys off a phone call – successful engagements are long and drawn out, just like life.
  • Externally you have no idea on my funding cycle, don’t assume that I’m in the market to buy your latest thing.
  • Latency is King – I aim to reduce it at every stage, help me to do it.

..NEVER to ask or do?

Cold calling never has a good outcome. So don’t dive in with specific questions that I don’t have the answers for. For example, I don’t memorise my IOPs and I’ve no idea on my current Block size etc. These questions may prompt me to investigate further, but will leave me feeling stupid on the call. Spin this round and offer this as a service maybe? Make your engagement useful to the customer.

Also DON’T..

  • Thank me for attending or signing up for something – when I obviously didn’t
  • Don’t hide your Caller ID – let me see who you are, don’t hide.
  • Ignore me when I say no, or not now.
  • Assume that I’m free to take your call (not the same as the line above), I may be in the middle of a disaster, or just recovering from one. Why not be courteous and ask if it’s still convenient.

button-print-blu20 5 Considerations a vendor should make BEFORE calling you (Part 4)  Slide10-1024x576 5 Considerations a vendor should make BEFORE calling you (Part 4)

..to “Connect“ with customers

How do you get past the first 30 seconds with me?

  • Start with an email introduction – I’ll click on it if I want something..
  • If I need info, I’ll reach out / make this a qualified opportunity (customer requested info)
  • Make sure you know the product better than me – because if I’m spending money, I will have done my research.
  • If you don’t know, say you don’t know – don’t blag about the details. Just get back to me.
  • Ask if I have any pain points with my current solution (and what are they)
  • Actually Sound & Look interested – amazing how many vendors just believe that their thing is amazing and I’d be stupid not to buy it. Let me talk about my issues, it’s not wasted time – think of it like a counselling session where you are weighing up the gravity of the situation.
  • Ask if I want a technical follow up call – I’m sure I would if I’m at all interested.

As already said, in my role the best examples are when I’ve personally faced an issue and successfully overcome it. Personal experience is very powerful, if you actually worked in this field then you will have some empathy. Nothing can short cut time-served. I remember when I was in your shoes doing….

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