button-print-blu20 Veeam Remote Console for VBR 9.5 u2

Just a short post to share one of the great features of Veeam v9.5 update 2 – namely remote console access. This feature will allow you to install the VBR client software, allowing full management and access to tall the VBR features, but from a remote location (via port 9392). This remote access is also leveraged in the soon to be released Veeam Availability Console, more of that another time.button-print-blu20 Veeam Remote Console for VBR 9.5 u2  Remote-console-auto-upgrade Veeam Remote Console for VBR 9.5 u2

The installer for the Remote console is already included in your v9.5 original, or v9.5 update 1 ISO – simply launch the setup.exe from your desired remote windows machine and choose to install the ‘Remote Console’. You must ensure that the central VBR server is already at v9.5 update 2, that the required port is allowed through any firewall rules, and finally that you have logon credentials to actually drive VBR. After that it’s simple, just wait for the installer to run and create the shortcut.

On first launch the application will connect to the VBR server and detect that it is ‘older’, an automatic upgrade will then take place ensuring that the remote console matches the central installation. It’s this neat feature that allows you to install the console even from the original v9.5 ISO.

Once a VBR update 2 ISO is available from veeam.com, then this upgrade step will clearly be redundant. Speak of the devil, literally a couple of hours after writing this post the Update 2 ISO is available for download.

Happy remote access