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As you may know, if you’ve been to my blog site before, I can get a bit giddy and passionate about certain things. I won’t apologise for this or make excuses, that’s just me – I like it or hate it, promote it or ignore it – no one can be an expert in everything there simply isn’t enough time, so I say pick your favourites and run with them.

In the past I’ve been accused of taking this to the extreme and being a little too enthusiastic about ‘Backup’ (and I use that word to encompass the whole range of services which help businesses cope with the unexpected). After all I’ve be told , “Backup, is JUST backup – it’s there just in case”. Well if you want to see me start ranting about something then you’ve probably just hit the right button.

Yes, backups are there ‘just in case’ you delete a file or someone overwrites a version of a document that was actually needed, or saved in the wrong place and tidied up, BUT it’s so much more. It’s your Insurance Policy, it’s Disaster Avoidance, it’s Business Continuity, it’s Replication, above all it’s Availability – as if you can’t get access to your backup’s when you need them, then what’s the point? Also what’s often missed, is that it’s not always simply a software solution or an ‘As a Service’ offering – it involves people, planning, the business and the management to all contribute and work together and define what needs to happen and at what point an event triggers NOT business as usual.

So why all the preamble?

You could have skipped the first bit, but for me it was important to frame my point of view, and I like to think that it is because of the passion I have for this subject, that I have recently recieved Veeam Vanguard status for the third year in a row.  So this is, amongst other things, a big thank you to the staff who actively support, manage and promote this programme within Veeam itself.

This is the best executed vendor recognition programme that I have expereinced; we get early access to the software releases, trial licenses, group Webinars to discuss what’s new but most importantly is the interaction with a very tight global community, which has grown from just 34 members in 2015, to 50 the year after, and now to just over 60 in 2017.

Initially seen as an ‘odd bunch’ of individuals, with many different backgrounds and from different industry sectors. We range from hands on users, bloggers, resellers/partners, service providers etc.. but all with a common goal – to improve the functionality and usability of Veeam software. We gelled almost instantly at the first VeeamOn event in 2015, and since that time I’ve made many close friends. We value each other’s opinions and respect their knowledge and experience.

The culmination of each year is the annual conference and this time we are in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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