button-print-blu20 VeeamOn 2017 New Orleans - Part 2

Following on from my five previous announcements from VeeamON here are the next..

  1. Veeam Disaster Recovery in Microsoft Azure

Working in conjunction with Veeam Powered Network (discussed later) and the existing Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure. DR in to Azure offers the ability to move a workload from on-premises LAN to Microsoft Azure. The primary concern following the ‘does it work question’ is accepting that the IP address is now from a public pool. VeeamPN can then be leveraged to build a VPN back to the on-premises LAN and route between both locations, allowing the remaining devices to continue talking to the original IP address.

  • Veeam Powered Network (VPN) – Utilising OpenVPN, Veeam has produced an easy to use GUI allowing for the creation and management of pop-up VPN connections which open up a whole host of possibilities. When used in conjunction with Azure, workloads could be failed over from a customer site to Azure (given a new IP address) and traffic routed between it and the original location. A local VPN agent then acts as a proxy allowing the remaining devices to continue talking to the original LAN IP address.



  1. Support for VMware Cloud Director

Replication from on-premises VMware to a hosted vCD platform is now possible. Previously this availability method only supported vCenter to vCenter using replication to Cloud Connect service.

  • vCloud Director support for Veeam Cloud Connect Replication – Finally offering vCD support, and extending DRaaS away from the simple vCentre to vCentre scenarios.



  1. Veeam Backup for Office 365 v2

This service has been extended to cover multi tenant Office 365 installations, SharePoint & OneDrive for Business. Offering unprecedented support to help protect your O365 investment.




  1. Tape as a Service for Cloud Connect Backups

Allows customers to meet compliance standards and adds the safety of truly air-gapped backups.




  1. Veeam Availability for AWS

Offering agentless File, Volume & bare metal restores from inside AWS (utilising AWS Snapshots and  a partnership with N2W). Additional features expect to include the export of the backup files to on-premises VBR installations recovery or full AWS exit scenarios. Additionally, this same process could be used to migrate AWS workloads to Azure. This product will offer lots of possibilities, and is likely to expand it’s features set between now and the expected release date of sometime in 2018.


Did I say there were 10 announcements, well that wasn’t including the Veeam EcoSystem partners and extensions. You’ll have to wait for my next article to find out these additional talking points.