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Ok so following on from an amazing week at VeeamOn 2017 New Orleans, I’ve decided to create a music related post. This is the first part of a challenge I have been set by a few of the Vanguard spouses who love to dance. So here it goes the 2017 Now That’s Whats I Call Backup v10..

NOW That’s What I Call a Backup by Veeam

Following on from a very successful 10 year career, Veeam have recently kicked off a world tour, appearing for a Sell Out 1st week in New Orleans, LA. The group now have two new lead singers Peter McKay and Andrei Baronov, taking over from Bill Largent and of course the ever-present Ratmir Timashev.

The backing singers ‘The Rockstars’, have had a shake-up; still fronted by Rick Vanover he is joined by Anthony Spiteri & Michael Cade, and returning for another season is the wild child Clint Wyckoff.

With over 400,000 records sold, and 2500 dedicated fans – Veeam is looking to go from strength to strength with this roadshow. Aiming to hit $1B by the time the tour blasts into 2018 this will be a monster year for them.

To commemorate this year’s tour, Veeam have released their 10th album “NOW That’s What I Call a Backup”. As a teaser, we’ve included the track listing below – check out their live shows happening across the globe during 2017.

Disk 1

1 All About That BaaS by Meghan Trainor 3:08
2 Happy (From “Management Pack v8”) by Pharrell Williams 3:52
3 I Gotta Feeling (Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Backup ) by The Black Eyed Peas 4:05
4 Party Rock Anthem (Hands in the Air Gap) by LMFAO 3:52
5 Back Me Up (Radio Edit) by Avicii 4:06
6 Hips Don’t Lie (Storage API) by Shakira 3:38
7 A Little Respect By EraSure Backup 3:47
8 (Availability) Problem by Ariana Grande 3:14
9 Don’t Cha (Have 3 Copies) by The Pussycat Dolls 4:02
10 Scream & Shout (Alternate Vendors) by Will.I.Am 4:13
11 Get the Backup Started (Radio Mix) by P!nk 3:12
12 Last Friday Night (V.A.O.) by Katy Perry 3:51
13 Don’t You Worry CDP (Radio Edit) by Swedish House Mafia 3:31
14 Hey BaaS (Radio Edit Short) by Avicii 3:12
15 DR Young by Ke$ha 3:32
16 Sexy and I Know It by VMCE-ADO  3:19
17 Fast(SCP) Love by George Michael 4:28
18 (Veeam) One Vision By Queen 4:02

Disk 2

1 Replication of the Night by Corona 3:24
2 Blurred Lines (No Rap Version) by Robin Thicke 3:46
3 The Club Is Alive (Single Version) by JLS 3:34
4 Let’s get Physical (Agent) by Olivia Newton-John 3:10
5 Office365 Style by Psy 3:39
6 Bonkers (none VAIO API) by Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden 2:58
7 Off-Site No.5 (A Little Bit Of…) (Radio Edit) by Lou Bega 3:40
8 U Can’t Touch This (Air Gapped) by MC Hammer 4:15
9 Saturday Night (Synthetic Backup) by Whigfield 3:43
10 vCD vCD Baby by Vanilla Ice 3:49
11 …Baby 3-2-1 More Time by Britney Spears 3:30
12 I Like to Move It (to Azure) by Reel 2 Real 3:42
13 Tragedy (Strikes) by Steps 4:30
14 Blame It on the Backup by The Jacksons 3:30
15 Tape on Me by A-Ha 3:47
16 I Wanna VAC (with Somebody) by Whitney Houston 4:49
17 The Vanguard Mega-Mix [Clean] by Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta 4:48
18 Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars 3:15
19 V.M.C.E. by Village People 3:15

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