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Nick Furnell has been working in the IT Industry since 1993, after graduating from Salford University with a BSc in IT. During his career he has moved between freelance consultancy work, mobile Support Engineer and permanent employment.

After being a long standing customer of Zen Internet in his previous role, Nick flipped from consumer to supplier when he joined this North West based Internet Service Provider. As a Solutions Architect in their Corporate & Mid-Market Division, he provides a wide variety of technical solutions to new & existing clients using a range of technologies offered by the 20 year old company. Working with clients to gather their requirements, with the aim of creating high level designs, blending Zen’s technology, service and product portfolio and then delivering the solution to both business and technical audiences.

His many years as a purchaser of services has given Nick an almost unique view on how best to supply services, and to manage and maintain excellent customer relationships. He is a strong believer that many technological solutions are commodity items these days, the only differentiator is the staff and the customer service promised and ultimately delivered. People buy from people they like – the secret to been successful is to be that person.

Alongside his official role, Nick has been instrumental in fine tuning Service Descriptions and guiding Product Development within the company. Outside of work he also formed the UK Veeam User Group along with two other Veeam Vanguards. Offering a focal point for Veeam users to share their knowledge and express experiences both good and bad.

Before working at Zen, Nick was employed at Transform Medical Group, the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider as Senior Systems Engineer for 12 years. During this time he was Technical Lead and responsible for assessing new technologies and adapting them to the business needs – always aiming to provide the best technological infrastructure for the budget.

With 20 years experience, many things have come and gone, and then come back again – occasionally there is a ‘perfect-storm’, where a radical change in the market causes the industry to sit up and take note. This is what he describes as the “exciting times”. This latest industry change has allowed Nick to expand from his traditional office based role, into presenting.  This ‘journey’ has revolved around the growth and domination of ‘Nimble Storage’ and ‘Veeam Backup & Replication’ suite at numerous User Group and Vendor events, culminating in a presentation slot at the inaugural VeeamOn conference Las Vegas, 2014. He is also very proud to have been recognised as vExpert each year since 2014, for continued contribution to the VMware community. His most recent and prestigious accolade is been awarded Veeam Vanguard status from 2015 through to 2017.

On a personal note when he is not at work, he’s busy drinking red wine with his wife Tracy. They have four children, the two eldest have left home with one working in Australia and the other employed by Sky UK, leaving Georgia 20 and James 12 at home along with the family pets (two dogs) Poppy and Henry.

The last eight years have also been dominated by the almost single handed long term renovation of his 150 year old house in Lancashire, UK. Originally taken on as a five year project, the extensive changes to every room, wall, ceiling, floor, electrical and plumbing has taken up most of Nick’s spare time.

Latest Profile changes & CV can be viewed on LinkedIn.

Current Resume:

  • Primary technical driver for change, assessing new technologies and adapting them to the business needs. Always aiming to provide the best technological infrastructure for the budget.
  • Innovative Systems Engineer, with track record of designing robust cost effective solutions. Ability to adapt and absorb new technologies rapidly in this ever changing industry.
  • Skilled in managing projects from planning through to delivery stages.
  • Jointly manage IT Department along side ‘Head of IT’, providing technical & strategic direction.
  • Internal Pre-Sales Consultant, act as arbitrator for non-technical departments actively managing meetings where technical understanding is required.
  • Strong analytical thinker, an excellent communicator coupled with the ability to actively manage a changing environment.
  • Provide end to end technical support for UK wide network across virtual and physical platforms.
  • Provide On Call, Out of hours, Remote & On-site support across all our UK sites / home workers.

Why yet another blog site? Basically, to combine my accrued knowledge in to one searchable location.

Thanks for viewing my site, I hope you find some of my posts useful or at least interesting.

Nick Furnell

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