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..according to the Collins English Dictionary, is defined as:-

  1. the act of recommending
  2. something that recommends, esp a letter presenting someone as suitable for a job, etc
  3. something that is recommended, such as a course of action

I think that the best recommendation is a personal one, so I have decided to dedicate a section of my site to the best Products, Companies and Applications that I have come across day to day.

Having been round the block at least once in my 20+ years in IT, I have been on both sides of the coin; supplying and installing equipment & services, and then been sold the updated versions of the same! At my current employer of over 10 years, we originally went for a one stop shop, a company who promised the world and we would only ever need to ring one support number. Unfortunately, as you will undoubtedly know already, this doesn’t work out for anyone other than the Reseller – and in some cases not even for them. A number of years ago we made a conscious effort to avoid this type of company and ‘buy local’. We started by asking our network of peers, if they knew of niche companies who were the best at whatever they did, but who also more importantly, would appreciate our business and were willing to work along side other similar companies. To that end we now work with a growing number of smaller but very flexible Suppliers.

This collection of recommendations will build gradually, but hopefully will encapsulate a whole host of ‘best of breeds’ under various categories. Where possible these will be services, contacts or applications which I use personally on a regular basis – so as to give real life and honest feedback. The aim is that this information can be taken away by you the reader, and used in your work or personal lives.

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