Zen Load Balancer

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Zen is a entire solution embedded on a distro with Debian core, used for create an appliance for TCP load balancing, with advanced algorithms for techniques load balancing as round robin, weight, priority. Also, checking for backend, active/passive zen cluster, rrd, configuring a lot of farms, advanced networking configuration and vlanes, configuration and managment with a HTTPS GUI, advancing configuration of table routes, and more (read the changelog).

Zen isn’t a gateway or a firewall, Zen is a TCP load Balancer, with advanced functions that create a good open source solution for systems with a high availability

Zen Load balancer manage concepts about Load Balancers Servers and add own concepts that give more facitity to work with it. At the moment this product is a TCP Simple Load Balancer that can work with services as SMTP, LDAP, FTP, IMAP, POP, HTTP, or other service over TCP protocol.


  • Load Balancing on Layer7
  • Layer7 over 30000 concurrent connections
  • Load Balancing with NAT method
  • Load balancing any TCP service
  • Use algorithms like: round robin, weight, priority or hash
  • Persistence sessions
  • VLAN Tagging (802.1Q)
  • Advanced configuration for networking on, physical, virtual or vlan interfaces
  • Independent route tables for work with independent NICs
  • Checking and advanced checking of backend servers
  • High availability with cluster Active/Passive
  • Backup configuration
  • Advanced global status with graphs
  • Easy administration over https and ssh
  • Virtual Service Configurations can be edited and tuned on-the-fly
  • Use NTP sync
  • Easy and open updates over our repositories on internet
  • Configure virtual servers and farms as your hardware allows