ZLB – Cluster Configuration

button-print-blu20 ZLB - Cluster Configuration

The first step is to connect to the Zen GUI and configure a virtual ip under Settings >> Interfaces. Select a real network interface and configure one virtual ip with the name “cl” for example. You only have to do this on one node.

Now go to Settings >> Cluster and under “Virtual IP for Cluster, or create new virtual” section select the last configured interface (“cl” in our example) and press “Save IP”.

Next you have to put in the local hostname, local real ip, remote hostname and remote ip. The remote details are those that are configured on the 2nd node (which will end up being the first BACKUP node). You will need to know the real interface name on this node and configure the same name on other node. For example eth0 on node1 and eth0 on node2. When you are done press “Save”.

Now you need configure the RSA communication between the two nodes. You need enter the root password once, this password will not be stored. Once you enter the password press the “Configure RSA connections between nodes” button. This will configure the connection between the two nodes and will report a success message once the communication has been established. If you do not get a success message check your root password and host settings.

The last step is to choose your cluster type:

  • -Disable cluster on all hosts-: This service will be stopped, and configurations files will be deleted. Only use this if you need to stop the cluster service to make changes.
  • node1 master and node2 backup automatic failback: If node1 is detected as down the node2 will take over the load balancing service. When node1 is restored the service will automatically switch back to node1. You should choose this open when node1 is a more powerful server than node2.
  • node1 or node2 can be master: anyone can be master, there is no automatic failback when one node is recovered. If you have two very similar servers for node1 and node2 that can both handle the full load of your traffic then you can use this option.

Now¬† press “Configure cluster type” and wait a moment. The Zen cluster script will be run and it will configure the service. Once the service is configured there will be a message at the top of the GUI showing the active node and passive node. You should now only make configuration changes to your Farms using the active or MASTER node.

Message on active node:
button-print-blu20 ZLB - Cluster Configuration  zencl-active ZLB - Cluster Configuration
Message on passive node:

button-print-blu20 ZLB - Cluster Configuration  zencl-active ZLB - Cluster Configuration